what a recap.

remember how i said i was going to cause trouble with my best friend this weekend??

well mission accomplished. lindsay did a great recap on her blog. pictures to come. but you should probably check it out.

i will say that i do not recommend flying NORTH in the winter/spring months. it gets colder the more north you go. and i'd like it to get warmer. so not #WINNING. {told you i would try to add this to every post}

also, i am so excited to participate in the sweet spring swap from teaching in heels. i have been wanting to participate in one of these.

if you want to participate you have to sign up today. the more the merrier!

lastly, i am starting my preparation for vacation TODAY. {and for the rest of my life.} because i have been missing my yoga practice i am attempting to go 30 days straight. or atleast every week day. and something active on the weekend.

this is boring news but i feel like i should share it.

i would also like to share a picture of me doing a headstand by the end of these 30 days. if not, maybe just a backbend. baby steps, right?

i will leave you with a picture of the party nails lindsay and i showed off this weekend. i HIGHLY recommend the sally hansen nail art.
jealous i bet. i'd be.

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