something in me has changed.

and it isn't for the good. i used to HATE spending money. like HATE. now, i think i have a problem. i just spent $300 in 20 minutes. wtf. who does that??

granted, it was all on sale. but still. where did this change come from? i don't like it. not. one. bit.

but you want to know what i bought?!?!
1. groupon for keratin treatment. for $175. that is a STEAL. and i promised myself if it came back on groupon i had to buy it. i was kicking myself for not getting it the last time. so....done!
2. landsend canvas is having another of course i had to partake! i got two pairs of chinos {my work attire} a belt, and a pair of dark jeans. all of $100. i think that is #WINNING. {yes, that is a hash mark. and yes, that is a charlie sheen reference}

anyway, awkward/awesome thursday is here.


these weren't very fun. sad face. but i will work on it more for next week.

i can't wait to catch up on american idol!! i might have to stay up past my bed time tonight. 

AND my gators play tonight...soooo wish us luck!!