playing catch up.

i know the point of the 30 day challenge is that i blog for 30 days....but i don't think i can fully commit to that. so i am playing catch up. here goes nothing:

day 4: a picture of my night. since this was on friday here is a picture of what i did friday afternoon/night.

went to the anheuser-busch factory in st. louis. {yes, nelly's songs were playing in my head...}

day 5: a picture of my favorite memory. this is a hard one. but i will go with this one for now:

so you know the 'bonfire that shouldn't be allowed without adult supervision'? well this is a picture for that. this sums up our night. there were barn animals involved. let's just say, things got weird.

day 6: a picture of the person you'd like to trades places with for the day. hmmm...really anyone that doesn't work. if it is just for the day, i'd say...kate middleton.

she is so freaking cute and the hottest trend right now is marrying a sign me up!

day 7: a picture of my most treasured item. i am not sure i really have that one thing that if my house was burning up that i HAD to grab. i have things that i really like having but nothing that would upset me if i lost it. {that i can atleast recall}. i have purged a lot of things since i move so often. this is kind of depressing now. i should buy something today that i can keep forever....suggestions?

whew. that was a lot for today. i should nap.

tonight sister and i are going to dinner with my uncle. we usually go to some exotic place. i am hoping for ethiopian...wish me luck. i will bring hand sanitizer don't worry.