a picture that makes me laugh. plus life questions.

day 8 is easy peasy. thanks to this past weekend and laura's post yesterday, i give you....
i am not sure words could do it justice. i'll try: it's 10 AM.

mardi gras 2k11 was bangin. who knew st. louis had such a party??

i did forget to share what happened on sunday to me...grrr. so i finally arrive to home base and i grab my bag {the one that passed through security but that they made me check}and head out. well little did i know that the entrance mat to the airport was soaked. so as i walk out i did a 'movie fall'. you know, the one where all your things go flying up in the air and both legs come off the ground?! yeah, that was me. so after a 6 hour unnecessary layover, a hangover, and 'i'm going to have a bruise tomorrow' fall, i was ready for bed. what a day. what a day.

last nights dinner with uncle and sister was great. we went to a indian buffet...for 8 dollars....all day everyday. what?! at first i was a little skeptical since it seems sketchy to pay only 8 dollars and then expect the food to be great. well the lesson i learned {again} is never judge a book by it's cover. whew it was great! i will be back!

other than that, i have researching some schools to attend...however, the one i found last night reminded me that paying for school seems to be a problem. the days of florida bright futures and prepaid college are O-V-E-R. so i guess i really should thinking long and hard {that's what she said}about if i want to go back to school. and what i want to go to school for--still haven't picked just one...is that bad? i could be in school forever i think. as long as it wasn't hard :) so far my thoughts have been:

1. masters of business administration {the most practical for my career}
2. advertising {this was a new one last night -- i think i'd be pretty badass at this}
3. graphic design {my bffl lindsay has made me think about this one--she's amazing!}
4. nursing {yeah right. i mean i love the thought but i think i would pass out}
5. teacher {i mentioned this during the i love 'waiting for superman' post}

so the question is this: do i go with practical or fun yet not lucrative?!