i'm trying to create a button...it's hard.

started at: 8PM

drew a little somethin' somethin'

update 9PM:


i am so impressed with my skills. no seriously. i. am. talented. here is why you should be too:

i used a mac. {cut and paste is kind of hard when you don't have photoshop, printscreen, paint, etc.}
i used other blogs to figure it out. you should too. go here for the easiest directions ever.
i did all this while watching american idol. yes, ashton, you deserved to go home. adios!

so here i am, a girl standing in front of {other girls} asking {them} to love her.
-the notebook {blogger style}

i'm kind of threatening, but in a civilized way. i think you should add it to your blog. 

i think it is purty. i drew the heart myself. with my fingers. on a mouse pad. {admire}

ok, i realize i am a little full of myself. it is late {9:40PM ekk}. so goodnight.