i was tagged by lindsay for a little 'get to know me sesh' and here are my answers!

Favorite item of makeup
i think my bright pink blush! it is a nice addition to very pale skin!

Current Cell Phone Ring
vibrate. lame i know. but something about cell phone rings bother me. 

Go to nail polish color
OPI 'keys to my karma' it is awesome!

Most Memorable College Experience
i agree with lindsay and say anything related to an ADPi function. or all the national championships...ha

iPhone or Blackberry
iPhone...but i do miss BBM. Whatapp makes up for it though.

Go to outfit
dark jeans, black shirt, and my purple converse...unless i am dressing up. then my silver tory's!

Ideal mate in 3 words or less
hard one...hilarious {but not more than me--kidding}, adorable {including personality}, intriguing. {i think you can tell that i don't have this person yet...}

Favorite Drink
used to be diet coke but i broke that habit..whoop whoop for me. but now i'd say raspberry lime sparling deerpark water. 

Who do you call first with big news
my sister. then lindsay/amanda.

Your Horoscope
leo. i don't read them. so it's just another hoax to me. 

feel free to copy and paste into your blog...pass it on!

now on to the 30 day challenge...day 16. a picture of someone that inspires you. 

hmmmm i don't have any one particular person that inspires me. i try to get my inspiration from everyone around me so i am a well-rounded person.
{you can see i don't really have a good answer for this day--moving on}

how relaxing does this look?? get a little sun. relax the worries away. yes please.