friday. friday. friday. let's fill the blank.

link up with all the other blank fillers with the little things we do.  

1.   My most prized possession is   my friends. i truly love each one in their own special way. one is for the stressful times and i need to vent. one is for the sad times and i need a good cry. one {ok, most of them} are for a good laugh. i hope all of you value your friends just as much. other than this, i value my sarcastic sense of humor. it gets me through the day. no seriously. it. works.   

2.  If I could be one age for the rest of my life, I would want to be 20. i lived serious life at 20. living in my sorority house. with my besties. and not a care in the world. specifically not thinking about having a job to do...ah the good ol days.  

3.  The best way to spend a weekend is   relaxing. right now, i am picturing some beach. somewhere. corona {light} in my hand. good book {harry potter 2 currently}. with some friends/family.

4.  My outlook on life is    improving. life is 'glass half full' these days. i like being optimistic. it is much more freeing. 

5.  If you want to annoy me, just   chew with your mouth open. i have a LOT of pet peeves but this tops the list. if you can't breathe while you are eating, don't eat. that is what your nose is for. in. and out. in. and out. through the nose. get with the program. 

6.  I am completely defenseless when it comes to   frozen pizza. i try so hard. but nothing can keep me away. dammit...i guess i should just stop buying it. but i gravitate towards that aisle. dammit...

7.  When dressing for the day one should     put on whatever you want. if you want to get noticed, wear a boob shirt. if you want to just get the job done, wear something causal. if you want to go to the gym, wear some sweats. i'm all for whatever you want to wear. you know how stylish i am....sike. 

now, let me tell you about this 'situation' that happened to me today. i will say, i wish it happened yesterday so i could have added it to my 'awkward' list. because it would TOTALLY top the cake.

so let me break it down a bit. 

i manage these so called subcontractors. aka, i am their babysitters. everyday. i have to call to make sure they showed up to work. call to make sure they come tomorrow. and call to make sure they wipe their a....i mean i keep tabs on them. 

so anyway, i was driving to a meeting this afternoon and remembered i had to call one of these 'subcontractors'. well small stipulation. hands free calling only. shit. i left that at home. so speaker phone it is.

no answer. so i leave my message. do my job. feeling good about not having to have a 10 minute conversation when all it would really take is a 30 second message. #WINNING {i am going to try and add this to EVERY post...get excited}

obviously, i turn the radio back on. and by radio i mean....JUSTIN BIEBER. duh. 5 notches. {pretty loud}. maybe some singing along. 

fast forward 3 minutes and 50 seconds later, phone beeps. {fml}. message complete. {omg} 

yeah you guessed it. i left a message with justin bieber sing along. 

next step. call him back to explain on message two. 

he answers. goes like this:

sub: hey whitney. i just saw you are calling again. thought i should answer.
me: oh hey, did you listen to my message?....oh of course you didn't, i just left it. anyway, just go ahead and delete it. i needed to pass along a number to you.
s: oh, why should i delete it?
me: oh, i just left you a message with me singing justin bieber for almost 4 minutes. 
s: well then i am not deleting that. i will play it at next weeks meeting. is that cool?
me: i really wish you wouldn't.
s: well how about this: how about i just get you the latest teenbeat magazine since he is on the cover.
me: omg. that would totally make up for it. 
s: but let me ask, was it on the radio, or do you own the cd?
me: i totally own up to owning the cd.
s: i wouldn't. 


but i really needed that. haven't had a super funny story in a long time. worth the embarrassment. fo sho.

in other news, my gators won! 

but my bracket is shot. thanks duke, pitt, everyone else who is letting america down. think of us next time. 

heading to the airport to see tito!! pictures to come! 

{sorry for the lengthy post. but i am in a GREAT mood!}

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