Fill in the blank Friday!! Whoop whoop

1. The phrase or punctuation I overuse most is usually an expletive. So I'll spare you the details but it seems to get the work done...disclaimer: use caution when using curse words at work. I work on construction. It's actually encouraged. I don't want to be responsible for you losing your job...

2. Today I am thankful for coffee. Went to bed at 11 and woke up an hour before my 3 am. Coffee isn't strong enough. Must. Have. More.

3. My best friend is hard to pick just one. So here is a picture montage with captions...

First up: high school best girl friend. The fact that we don't have a picture together means we need to see eachother soon!!

I LOVE this girl!!

Next: best college friends a girl could ask for.

on our way to mallard--most redic bonfire anyone should be allowed on without adult supervision

Still working on college:

birthday shot. This girl is amazing!

Lastly: my two Lindsey/Lindsay

making dc bearable for me :)

This is not all of my beat friends but that could go on forever. I am nothing without them! Xo

4. A quirky thing about me is that I have NO rhythm but like to dance to all the rap songs like I'm usher. Looks good in my head.

5. This weekend I am surprising a friend. I hope she doesn't read this before I get there...if so, SURPRISE! I'm here!!

6. Something that worries me is that I will put my boots on next winter after the summer hiatus and find a snake in there! {really random but it was the first thought--thought I should share}

7. On my night stand you would find my lamp, extra converse shoe strings that I haven't found a place for, and hair tie.

Link up with Lauren and fill in your own blanks. {no copying} oh, and leave me a comment with your blog address so i can check them out!

{I'm in the airport -- please be impressed with this post}

I'll resume my 30 day challenge when I get home...xox

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