day 2

blog challenge day 2. get to know my longest friend.

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he might kill me for telling this story but i hope he doesn't read this post {he's pretty busy at school/work these days--i might get a pass}. so how we met: ninth grade english class. so i am just trying to find a seat and this guy/really tall skinny boy is standing in the back of the classroom. i had never seen him before which meant he came from one of the other middle schools that fed into my high school. so anyway, my teacher is this rambunctious, overweight jovial lady, which her voice is still ingrained in my mind; so she tries to start class and i am wondering why the boy {we will go with ZS for short ;) } is still standing in the back. well fast forward 3 minutes and everything changes. ZS faints. in the back of the classroom. my teacher sprints {insert mental picture: overweight blonde crazy lady leaping over children/desks} to ZS and tells the other students to call the front desk. i knew we'd be friends for life. later i found out we'd be on crew together and the rest is history. 10 years {holy shit--that is a LONG time}. now we both moved from our hometown to the SAME city for jobs. how random?!

i hate this picture of me but oh well...

long time. but i know i found a real gem of a friend with this one!

{disclaimer: sister is disqualified as she is my sister and not just a friend. but she would win if families were in the race}