day 15.

day 15...a picture of something you want to do before you die. 

how awesome does this look?!?!?

i'm no daredevil but i think this would be a huge rush. my friends have done it and said it was AMAZING. have any of you done it?? please share! {mom: please no concerning comments. i'll consult my doctor before jumping}

random comment: doesn't it annoy you that people spray lysol in the public bathrooms? i mean let's just highlight that you went number 2 and it smells bad. and bad smell plus bad smelling lysol just makes me want to jump out of a window. {luckily bathrooms don't have them}

last night of pops being in town so we are utilizing the extra hour of daylight and grilling on the BBQ. i am PUMPED. burgers and potato salad. PLUS some publix cookies to top off the meal. if you don't know what publix is, please google it. you will be amazed. it is the cream of the crop {pun intended}of grocery stores. mmmmm my mouth is watering now....