day 10. awkward and awesome.

rain, rain, go away. it has been raining since last night and not going to stop until tonight. grrr.

day 10. a picture of the person you do the most f'ed up stuff with.
hm. i've got a lot of those. if i had to pick one i would pick eugenia fitzgerald. {hahaha--the founder of alpha delta pi} here is her portrait. she enabled my friendships with some pretty f'ed up people...

{sorry this isn't serious. i am not in a facebook stalking mood right now}



tonight i shall go to bed early. well that is my plan anyway. but harry potter is getting good. and you know if i finish number one i will have to start number two. it's the way of the world my friends. way of the world.

{thursdays suck. i hope you don't stop reading because of thursdays' posts. i hope you can forgive me}