day 1 of 30...ekkk

task: picture of myself and ten facts.

my 24th birthday party. other pictures can't be posted. 24 shots were involved...

this picture is priceless. and i have no shame.

1. i work too much. i am an innocent bystander to my life passing me by. 
2. i hate ketchup. i occasionally try it--still hate it.
3. i LOVE young adult shows. disney still has it going on.
4. i also LOVE justin bieber. but i think you already knew that.
5. i just started decision points by the George W. another memoir to cross off the list. 
6. i don't like to commit to things. that goes across the board for almost everything. i should work on this.
7. i didn't drink until college....i know! can you believe that?!
8. i have never drank in front of my dad...i'm 24. i am a weeny.
9. i lived in 7 houses growing up...all in one city. i am a pretty good mover.
10. i love to sleep. case and point: i went to bed at 8:20 last night. i'm not ashamed. i feel great today!

participate yourself!! link up to Cait here.

i will still post random thoughts when i think about them ilo just posting for the 30 day challenge. i don't y'all getting bored on me!

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