without phone. without friends.

ah i hate, HATE, when i leave my 'real' phone at home. i feel kind of lost without it. and i EVEN took pictures last night to post up here today. wtf whitney.

so you'll have to wait until tomorrow to hear about the shenanigans that went down last night. bum bum bum. (is that even how you write that?!--just go with it)

i will say that i held strong to my word last week and didn't watch the bachelor but for like 20 minutes. it is terrible. those girls....grrrrr

but i wish everyone a GRRRRREAT tuesday. i know i am already ready for it to be over. atleast for the work day to be over. 6 am meetings are BRUTAL. it makes the day go by so slow. :(

tonight sister and i are starting our weekly dining out tradition. tonight is either indian or moroccan. wish me luck.