this is gonna sound weird but....

i tried jelly for the FIRST time last night. like ever. or at least as long as i could say no to jelly i did.

let me back up a bit. saturday sister and i went to Le Madeline which is a french restaurant around here (i think it is a chain). so anyway, they always have bread out with jam/jelly/preserves. and i usually try things that i hate randomly to make sure that i still hate them. BUT i don't ever recall trying jam. so i try it is too sweet. so sister says this is abnormally sweet and i should try it somewhere else. so...i buy some at the grocery store last was delicious! i tried it with peanut butter of course, but wow....i can't believe i have missed out on 24 years of eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. so my thought is: if i would have eaten one a week for the last 24 years that's 1248 sandwiches i need to make up. therefore, for the next 416 days i will only eat pb&j sandwiches to make up for lost time. 2 down already.....

yeah right. but good thought.

changing gears....glee wasn't great last night. a little sad about it too. i was pretty pumped but the whole alcohol awareness was ridiculous. i guess i grew up in a place where i didn't notice if people came to school drunk, but i thought it was too extreme. what about you??

BUT i did rent waiting on superman and let me tell you, it is insane. i watched it in awe that the school system is that bad around the country. i mean, i knew it was bad--i don't live under a rock--but i really had no clue that KIDS (not parents) are begging to go to a better school. it really made me appreciate the teachers that i had growing up. without them i couldn't have gotten into the school i did and get the education i deserved. so--thank you to all my teachers and friends that are teachers. i know they will help make the system better one class at a time.

along with all this tv, i had to add some vino to the mix. couldn't let the bottle go to waste--there was only one glass left!

don't forget to watch american idol tonight. AND i found out via twitter that bieber stops by the ellen show that airs today to give her a lock of his hair. good thing i have DVR now....good thing. or else i would be leaving work around 3 for lunch.