this is gonna be a LONG one.

so first let's just pay tribute to glee for last nights episode.

moment of silence

last year i wasn't as concerned about making time to watch glee. this season has made a believer out of me again. thank goodness. i HEART that show. although, i will say the new girl, i forget her name--lauren?, really weirds me out. and her song last night boys like me, was REALLY uncomfortable to watch. and puck liking her?! could they not come up with anything else? but lastly, THEY have the bieber fever too. i am telling you, it is a world wide phenomenon. join the club friends. sam--you can sing bieber anyday to me. swoon...ah.

yesterday was just shitty before 5 pm. really no other way to put it. i haven't been sleeping very well. as i mentioned before, i downloaded the sleep cycle app, here is a little insight to my lack of sleep:
this is the last two think you'd be rested?!

so anyway, back to the shitty day. i decided i was going to light a great smelling candle and organize my room/dresser. i re-folded ALL of my clothes and trashes some and set aside some for goodwill. i have been needing to do that for AWHILE. the purge really helped the mood. i recommend it when you are feeling stressed or need a boost. BECAUSE i tried on a lot of my old college dresses--where booze replaced food and i was a little smaller--and i am so glad i kept them knowing i would be able to pull them off again. talk about an ego boost!! pat on my back--i think i will.

side note: i have found a new love for a line of clothing, from my blogger friend christine. you need to check out lands' end canvas. it is awsome. it is similar to j.crew but has more everyday clothing and not nearly as overpriced. is a t-shirt really worth $98?? -- i think NOT.  i just purchased some skinny jeans (to replace the old baggy ones i just threw out last night) and they have great sale items right now. you should probably head on over to that website and pick some up for yourself!

ok, so i found a new great blog...via bun&borough i was linked to the list. if you've got some time, check BOTH out. the list posted back in january, a 'how to' for making the workplace more like college. which i think is a brilliant idea. to summarize: chug coffee with the IT geeks (with a little extra something in it if you are daring--i.e. jim beam), have a dance party with some pr/marketing socialites, facebook at work, keg stands, and procrastination. i mean, who wouldn't mind going to work if it involved all that?! she does have a disclaimer at the bottom which is important to read prior to following her suggestions:

*not guaranteed to help you keep your job, if that's your ultimate goal.

you can find the original post by SJT here.

LASTLY, i get my two justin bieber cd's delivered today. i have scheduled a 2 hour facial and massage for this afternoon. american idol is on tonight, AND i get the dvr in the mail today. things are looking up kids. things are looking up.