rainy days...

tornado warning?! i didn't think i lived in kansas...but apparently i do. just for today i suppose.

i am pretty out of things to talk about. the oscars sucked. i watched until the best supporting actress gave her speech {which was terrible} and then finished my book--

Open by Andre Agassi. it was pretty good. it was also long. i just looked it up on amazon.com and it was 400 pages. {since i read it on my kindle i don't know how many pages!} i like reading but a kind of boring story for that long gets old. and i have to finish it. so, i forged through and finished it last night. what should it be next??

he's pretty cute. but this is his current look. look at him years ago:

he is wearing a wig...poor guy. hair isn't that important! 

i think he looks better without the hair! it was pretty interesting to get inside someone's head for a little bit. makes me realize i live a pretty awesome life. at my free will!

next up: booking my vacation! sister and i have been talking about going on a REAL vacation a lot lately and we always find an excuse not to go. mainly money. BUT since tax returns have come in, that takes that away! so after 17 hours it feels like, i found THE place. it is in punta cana, dominican republic and all inclusive beach resort. it has EVERYTHING. i don't know how i am going to wait that long to go. it will be about $900 for airfare, food, drink, hotel for 7 DAYS. are you kidding me?! i will go every month. i'd have to quit my job but i could do that....

i hope to book it tomorrow night. the boss wasn't thrilled about the idea but i mean he wants productivity right? well i need vacation!

tomorrow look for the start of the 30 day challange hosted by Cait here. they will probably be hilarious since i will have to stalk facebook to get all this pictures. but i hope i can recruit some of you guys to join me! it will be like an online bonding session. just link to Cait's blog or mine and we can share the love!