productive friday....not work related.

so since i have to work tomorrow i decided i would stay home, go to bed early, and catch up on the blog world. therefore, i'd like to share some of my favorite finds:

1. i will make this bracelet. i mean i am crafty...right?

2. there are A TON of link ups on all days of the week. if i did one everyday i wouldn't have to write anything! so i am thinking i will stick to the fill in the blank fridays. and see what else i can find for maybe a wednesday post. those are my busiest days.

3. this is ADDICTING. all day long i think would it be weird if i just posted something short like 'i hate the rain' or 'i have to go to the bathroom' luckily for you readers, i thought through it.

4. i love buttons. not the ones on your pants. but the ones that are going to start showing up on the sides of this page. there is one now...check it out. {i'm awkward. and awesome} go to the most fashionable blog i've come across: the daybook. {how does she look cute everyday? i'm lucky if it is just ONE}

5. almost EVERY blog has a giveaway. where do these people come up with it? good thing i am on the book, twitter, and can comment on blogs. maybe i can win something!

6. everyone's blog is just as interesting as the next. i can spend HOURS doing this and not even put a dent in people's lives. so all i can do is quit my job and just read blogs all day. does that work? {sister--can you support m??!}

now that it is pretty close to my bedtime, i am going to sign off. i am pretty sure i will post something tomorrow along the lines of i am going to quit or i am so tired since i had to be at work at 5:30 AM on a saturday but we will just have to see what the day brings.

thanks for reading!