procrastination is key....

to happiness. let me explain:

i have done NOTHING at work today except read blogs, catch up on gchatting my friends, and drinking coffee. i mean who wouldn't love a life like that??!

i am thinking this can't last long, BUT i will enjoy it as long as possible today. my thoughts are that i have another 30 minutes and i'll have to pull my sh*t together after lunch. boooo

things that i'd like to share with you to add to YOUR happiness:

1. courtesy of and my real life best friend lindsay.

Need to See You

2. my arms hurt. bad. thanks to my workout on saturday....moving. i won't hold it against you lg. i just can't wait to christen the new place with a housewarming party. 

3. i am not looking forward to lunch. i brought soup. how boring is that?! why can't i just eat this?

posting random pictures also adds to my happiness. 

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