leaving on a jet plane....

i sure as hell don't want to come back.

but i will have to. i just emailed a travel agent to plan a get-a-way to some beach...somewhere. i need serenity and peace and i think some resort that will cater to my every need sounds amazing.wish me luck.

on another note, i have been wanting to see you again, so sister rented it last night (probably because she knew i was having a bad day--thanks sis!) and it was terrible. i was actually really excited to see it, but don't waste your time on that one. good thing my long-time friend came over to hang out with me to make it worth it. always nice to get a little tallahassee lovin'. those were the good ol' days. {i've got so many country songs stuck in my head this morning--somebeach, somewhere, remember when, ok so only two but still....}

also last night, sister made the best homemade thai food. it was cheaper than ordering out and so easy. there are some things that we would have done a little different, like make it a little spicier, BUT it was so good. next is mastering lemongrass chicken soup. yummmm

any suggestions for place to jet set to? i am open to taking multiple vacations. just send me your travel plans and i will buy a ticket. great, thanks.

happy tuesday. i know i am.