how is it ONLY thursday?

man this week is brutally long. i had to go to starbucks this morning just to wake up. i have forgotten how amazing the iced coffee is. it was a little cold out for it, with the snow on the car and everything, but it was a great pick-me-up. and the cinnamon scone...mmmmmm.

which, i've just spent some time searching for a cinnamon scone recipe and came up a little disappointed. does anyone have a good one to try? i'd love to make some!

in other news, bieber is making an appearance in my life tomorrow. and i am so totally (channeling my 13 year old self here) excited about. i think i am going to have to rent a friend to go with me tomorrow. because all of my real-life friends have flat out told me no. well let me just tell you something, all my twitter celeb friends, say it is so inspiring. so i am going to go and get uplifted and be inspired. and you can just judge me. i'm ok with all this.

maybe i can come up with something more interesting later today. until then. bieber forever.