holy toledo it's friday!

this week. whew. it has been a killer.

how about a couple random thoughts for a friday?

1. snooze buttons shouldn't be allowed. i don't set my alarm thinking i am going to hit the snooze button. i set it for when i need to get up. so then i end up being late because the snooze button is calling my name. unfair alarm clock. unfair.

2. drinking water is a catch 22. so apparently we are supposed to drink water all day. ok i can do that. i don't mind the taste. it is pretty refreshing when you get back inside from the outdoors. i am down with that. but what really irks me is having to use the restroom ALL the time. to top it off, i have to use a key to get in the bathroom. that is just annoying. and my hands are pretty dried out. so it is either glowing skin or soft hands....

that's all i got one those.

today has been SO slow. so i might sneak out a little early and get my nails done. i got a gift card at work this week for some extra work i have been doing. so i think i should spend it on pampering....don't you? what color should i go with? i think i want something bright since this winter is really bringing me down....ahhhhh