happy valentines day!!!

i hope you are enjoying the day of 'love'

this weekend was pretty amazing. the weather was bearable and made getting out of the house a little easier. to start:

i love justin bieber. (not in the creepy i want to date a 16 year old way...thanks) the movie was so good. i couldn't stop smiling. he is just adorable. i recommend getting to see it in the theater. it'd be worth it.

saturday sister and i headed to get our taxes filed before the masses. pretty successful. what should i spend my money on?? i wish i could use it towards something fun but i think i need to pay off some loans and cc's. :( oh well.

after taxes, we went shopping and look at these gems i picked up:

i couldn't make is right side...so here is a weird picture. 

can you guess where the inspiration came from?? let's just say jb's favorite color is purple. keep judging.

finally made it home to get ready for the girlfest 2011. it was pretty nuts. ha. started at 2 and was in bed around 11:30. stopped by 6 bars. it was legit. however, i think i should take a saturday off soon. man my liver is hating me. at least it is only one day a week right??

sunday i stayed in my pajamas till 8 pm. record i think. we watched all episodes of hawaii five-o that were on our on-demand. then i got dressed to get some food but ended up just getting delivery. nothing beats a sunday like that. 

who's ready for the weekend?! i dislike mondays. anyone have any funny weekend stories to cheer me up??