grrr. it's only thursday.

nothing to report other than:

1. the movie twelve sucks. i thought it'd be good with emma roberts, fity{fifty}cent, chase crawford...wrong. i didn't even finish it.
2. digorno pizza is STILL where it's at. nothing beats it. omg i love that stuff.
3. sister's dog still hates me. EVEN though i keep her on the same walk schedule she STILL manages to pee on my floor at night. wtf.
4. i turned american idol off {i know!} last night because it was so boring. this season better pick up or i am going to threaten to stop watching....threaten.
5. i FINALLY caught up with my bffl last night after a month long game of phone tag. nothing like a great catch up session. even if we are just bitching about jobs, boys, etc. it's worth it....

until tomorrow....i'll think of something good.