big things are coming.

let's just say, i have the day off tomorrow. and let's also say, i will be bored (thankfully!!) and i will be working on my blog layout. i have been wanting to do this for a while but haven't had the time or the motivation. but better watch out! now, i just need to figure out how to write some CSS codes....hell if i even know what that means. maybe a little time at barnes and nobles reading the websites for dummies will do.

i haven't had a day off where i haven't had anything planned in like a year probably. my plan:

9 AM: wake up (4.25 hours later than the normal time....whoop whoop)
9:30: walk to the coffee shop/library and get kicking on my blog
11:30: watch black swan at the independent film theatre (or keep going on my blog--depends on my productivity levels)
1 PM: eat lunch (oh the possibilities...robeks, johnny rockets, bus boys... im starving now!)
2: get a mani/pedi
3: take a nap
4: watch oprah (OR the dvr'd ellen since i can now!!)
5: nothing. and i can't wait.

i am SO pumped. maybe this will help my attitude. you think i can convince my boss to have every friday off? or atleast once a month?? (without taking vacation of course!)

i'll think of something cooler to write later today. but i wanted to brag alittle about my day tomorrow.

computer geek alert:
OMG i just figured out that if you have multiple tabs open in a window, you can switch back and forth with 'ctrl' and the number '1' for the first tab '2' for the second and so on....i love shortcuts. i hate the mouse.