back to my monday night that i promised everyone. not that really anyone cares but i took the effort to take this pictures so by golly i will post them.

sister has been promising me a hair dye job so we finally got some time monday night after dinner was in the oven. 

but i wanted to share the dinner first. it was DELISH. please make it. it was soooo easy. i normally don't like watching rachel ray on the tv but when i was a little, um, under-the-weather sunday this caught my eye. i also never really made anything that i have watched on tv. and let me just say, it makes it WAY easier. who would have thought?! (stupid remark, i know).

anyway, find the recipe here.

how delicious does this look??

plently of leftovers. so if you are only cooking for 2...i'd recommend cutting it by 3/4 almost.

next we had to fit in the coloring job before the bachelor came on. i'll just say that this was a first for the sister and she did a decent job. had i been going from blonde to dark we might not be on speaking terms but it is fairly easy coasting from dark to a little darker color. i did have some drop stains added to my wardrobe. oh well. you can tell from my picture, i wasn't wearing the nicest clothes. ha.

before i washed it out. (love my picture skills?)

anyway, that was my night. 

last night was a good ol fashioned new episode of glee. thank goodness. i have been missing it! and katy perry's firework -- AMAZING. it doesn't hurt that i already love that song, but 'rachel' is LEGIT. so if you want to buy me the soundtrack for this season, i will be pretty excited. just email me and i can send you my address. thanks.

tonight is american idol. and i am glad it is the final audition show. the last couple years they don't play as many auditions as they used to. so i am ready for HOLLYWOOD week to start. i should invest in DVR but i kinda like commercials so i am not affect too too much. unless i make plans for those nights....then i might have to reconsider.

boring post. over.