again with the time machine.

i should just realize that saturday nights are going to be legit. i shouldn't try to change it. just embrace it. what a night i had....

but i will get a little sentimental here. girl's nights are golden. i kind of forgot how great they are. drinking copious amounts of wine. boy talk. pillow fights in our pj's. you know, the usual. i've got some GREAT girl friends here and i love getting to know them more! jigga wigga baby--this is for you!

last night wasn't as dark as last weekend but it was a close second. i have forgotten how awesome it is to just go out without worrying about how terrible you'll feel the next day (today. woof.) to just live life. no worries of work. nothing. just good friends and good drinks. thanks cee lo.

i'd recommend not binge drinking every night. but while you're young, maybe once a week. it's worth it. the stories are what brings people together. nothing like a good laugh the next day when someone reminds you what a great bartender you were last night. or how the bottle of vodka was empty when you were the only one drinking it! things such as those make great friends greater.

i am hoping i can hang with my GREAT friends in a couple days for.....

how can you not have the fever???!?!?