i'm no grinch....

but i am glad that the holidays are OVER.

i had an amazing time out west; however, our travels were exhausting. christmas day travel was exponentially more people than i assumed (should never assume i suppose) BUT we got there on time with our bags and smiles.

should have known the return trip we wouldn't be so lucky. hours of delays. running to terminals to hope we had seats on the plane that was leaving in 20 minutes. no sleep on planes. whew. i am exhausted recounting all of this. long story short. went to bed tuesday after being awake for 30+ hours. whateves, i had fun.

4+ blizzards. countless inches of snow. and copious amounts of food consumed. and only a couple of bruises to remember it by. ah, the good ol days.

anyway, i'm back and ready for action. no new years resolution (because i don't like the sense of failure when i don't lose 100 pounds, or slip up on drinking a soda, or take one day off of working out... you get the picture) so more of a goal of be happier! goals are attainable but sometimes they take years, or just weeks. so no sense of guilt for failing but only of a need to work harder for it. but kudos to two bffl's for their resolutions--give them some support:

Lindsay in New Hampshire - my newly wed friend!

LauraLou - Get it girl in STL

wish them luck!

now back to work. back to work. to show my dad i'm not a....dork? (billy madison reference...anyone? anyone? ferris buellers' day off--ok i'm stopping)