i wish i had a brain....

all through the day i think about really awesome things to write about and tell you on here. but then when i finally get time, i lost it. damn shame. i am sure it was hilarious.

anyway, it's tuesday. i think it is going to be a good day too. both boss' are out this morning. so maybe i can get some stuff done without the nagging. ah probably not.

i've been on somewhat of a spending spree. not like loads of cash leaving my pocket but lots of little purchases. two weeks ago i bought a groupon for robeks. a couple days back i bought a massage and facial package from livingsocial.com. then $25 worth of tea to go in my new mate gourd. (which i tried this morning-pretty freaking good! tevana is legit!) yesterday i just bought another livingsocial.com deal for fresh local food to be delivered straight to my door (i think this is the one i am most excited about!). and to top it off, we got a maid. which i was a little apprehensive about at first, thinking you know, i can clean just fine. i don't need to waste money on someone doing it for me. well, i was WRONG. i get home from a LONG day of work to the cleanest the house has been yet. she is amazing. she organized. she scrubbed. she is my hero. anyway, i HIGHLY recommend it if you don't have the time and don't enjoy cleaning as much as my girl laura. 

so do you think buying these groupons/livingsocial deals are worth it? because i really want the one today--50% off ethiopian food. which i have been waiting to try.....suggestions?