tis the season for procrastination

not only is my boss out of town this entire week, i am out of town next week. therefore, two weeks off of work is how i see it. unfortunately, i do need to get some stuff done before i leave for my VACATION.

i hope you can tell that i am excited. except for the hurricane force winds in lake tahoe. i hope i survive. mommer called yesterday to tell me that people FELL off of the lift because trees fell on the lift lines. WTF. then a branch hit the car so hard it broke a window. so here is where i ask for your help:

1. pray we get out of dc on time. (50% forecast of snow)
2. pray chicago isn't as much of a black hole that i have heard it is on christmas day.
3. pray we land in reno on time (i don't think mommer could handle the delay)
4. pray i survive 10 days snowboarding.
5. pray i survive a 10 day vacation. sike. i don't need prayers on this one.

there is a lot to look forward to on this vacation. it is the first week i have ever taken off from work. OMG. i hope it doesn't show my company that they can survive without me...or maybe i do hope that. whoopies.