hold on tight.

yesterday was a fun day. we had tornado force winds and pouring rain. and as most of you know, i work outside sometimes. only when i'm lucky :). anyway, i had to go check on some things in the building so i 'suit' up and walk down there. my 5 minute walk included:

1. umbrella blows inside out.
2. drenched khakis (not comfortable--nor fashionable).
3. hard hat (stop laughing) blows off my head (you can laugh now).
4. wet-dog hair syndrome.
5. step in 6" puddle (looked a lot less deep from 5'9" above)
6. hard hat blows off my head. again.
7. wipe the tears from my eyes knowing that this is only the walk down to site, not back.

eventful huh?

then, i decide to stay out wayyyyyy past my bedtime (2 hours past) and drink some beers with friends. worth the time spent with them, but not the sleepiness i feel right now.

but tomorrow is friday and i am thinking i might leave early....like 4:45....