double dose monday

since i have been MIA for a while why not post two. i could have just put them in the same post but quantity of quality right? oh wait, that might be backwards. too late.

anyway, this past weekend i visited my good friend, we shall call her LG (she's been a guest on this blog before), invited sister and i up to her store to hang while she 'worked.' so after some binge shopping at oldnavy (huge sale!) we head downtown.

cutting to the chase, we went segwaying. oh yeah we did. it is a little harder than i had imagined. it really shows you how balanced you are or aren't in my case. anyway, since we didn't have a tour guide, we had to ride around in the store and we made a tour around the block. it was amazing.

it might be a little late to ask for one for christmas, but i am thinking it will be on my list next year. my parents have plenty of time to save....right?

signing off....jigga wigga baby. (if you don't get it you don't get it)