traveling at the holidays...oh me oh my

most people are smart enough not to travel the day of or the day before a major holiday. i am not. so here is a breakdown of why you shouldn't....

5:45 pm: arrive at airport (2.5 hours early because i just KNEW it would be packed)
6:00 pm: completed my security check. yes, 15 minutes TOTAL. including the body-scan. apparently i miscalculated the crowd. the most dead i have seen the airport EVER. including tallahassee's airport.
6-8 pm: go through security another two times just to get potbelly's sandwich in another terminal. (had to waste all the extra time somehow).
8:30 pm: flight takes off on-time.
10 pm: starting our initial decent into jacksonville. on-time and loving it. (as we had another 2.5 hour drive)
10-11 pm: circling over the ocean since the dense fog prevented a landing. so, why can't we land in 800 feet visibility?
11:30 pm: land in GAINESVILLE. not jacksonville. not tallahassee.

12 am: FINALLY deplane to a closed airport with no rental cars. happy thanksgiving!
12:30 am: make the executive decision to not take the 1.5 hour bus ride provided by delta to jacksonville to arrive at a closed airport. no thanks.
12:30-1am: take a cab (in gainesville) to our hotel. cabbies in gainesville are their own kind. i am pretty sure he was not sober. but i guess it was thanksgiving at this point. can't blame him for celebrating. can i?
1 am: arrive at the classy garden inn in gainesville for the bargain, no negotiated price, of $79/night.
8 am: enjoy our negotiated complimentary breakfast.
11 am: get on the road home....
1 pm: finally give my pops a hug.

total: 19 hours. woweee.

it started out too good to be true. dangit.

but atleast i have full body x-rays flying around the internet somewhere....can't get more special than that.

and to finish this post off i have to agree with my good friend phillip: "FSU people kept asking me all weekend, 'where's Tebow?' i guess they don't realize that people graduate after 4 years of college rather than stick around for a couple extras"

enough said. still love me some gatas.