lessons learned.

at work we have some bs forum called 'lessons learned.' last night i could have added to it.

1. cooking is hard.
2. smoke detectors are annoying.

now that i am sure you are interested in how i learned these lessons, let's just start with how good the end result was. i 'created' a moroccan cresent with phyllo dough. aka i was WAY out of my element last night.  after 2.5 hours, i finally ate dinner. but it was GOOD. sister will eat it today so i can't wait to see what her take is on it.

i should have known it was going to be an interesting experience when i burnt the 'toasted almonds' after 5 minutes of starting cooking.

then, cut my pinky. still not sure how. whoops.

then spent almost an hour chopping vegetables, drinking a beer at the same time. talent. i know.

the filling. you can kinda see the curry tint.

finally ready to assemble the cresent in the dough and realize this dough is not easy to use. let alone, i am not a cook. so big mess ensues. flakes everywhere.

get them in the oven and finally have some time to relax and watch my wednesday shows. then....the smoke detector starts going off. so confused, as there is NO smoke, burning smell, or anything anywhere! so i take the battery out in hopes to get it to SHUT UP and quickly found out that my new apartment is so high tech that it has backup power. awesome. this goes on for like 10 minutes. poor dog. hiding in the bedroom. whoops again.

anyway, i finally eat and it is daaaaayyyyuuuummmmmm good. here is the finished product.

not a great pic but it'll do.

´╗┐so my real lesson learned: don't cook. just eat out.

whit xo