lesson learned part dos.

i'm not in college anymore. i can not drink like in college. i can't stay out late like in college. and i definitely can't go to work/school hungover.

im sitting at my desk (which was a HUGE accomplishment if you ask sister) trying to pretend to be working. but i think i am failing miserably. i am just texting, emailing, blogging, and basically not working. whoops. but at least i am here.

but i wanted to share a little something to my good friends about peer pressure. it isn't nice. i made a decision before going out last night that i was only going to drink beer. then SOME HOW i end up with liquor in my hand and then SOME HOW i end up with a couple shots. not nice.

i did have a blast though. i think that counts for something. hopefully my empty stomach...

i wonder how mommer faired with the birthday celebration. i hope she is hurting as much, if not more, than me.

i want to be in bed....tito can i borrow yours?