don't do it.

don't watch my sisters keeper with anyone you want to still respect you after. last night, sister and i rented it, well i did--she had no intention on watching since she'd read the book.

let me preface with this: i don't like crying. i usually don't cry. usually.

so after dinner and a couple beers, i decided watching two movies would be the perfect way to end halloween weekend. sister wanted some scary movie, however, i don't do scary movies. ever. so i went up to redbox and rented letters to juliet and my sister's keeper. sister was not a fan of msk since she had read the book and knew how sad it would be. i tried reading it but i think i subconsciously didn't finish because i could guess how it would end. so anyway, ltj was really good actually. amanda seyfried is actually a good actress, if you take the singing out of mama mia.

long story short, two hours later, sister and i have tear stains on our shirts, pants, and couch. eyes red and puffy. and feeling a little down. also, not a good movie to watch with your sister. or mother, or brother, or father for that matter. great movie but it is like titanic--it takes a lot out of you to watch. agree?

happy monday. i know i am.