what a coincidence.

so let's do a little math problem to find out the odds of seeing the same person on the same train on the same car of the metro after 4 hours of a saturday night. AND THEN happening again.

850 routes per day * 7 (avg) trains per route = 5950 cars to step on to. so that is 1 out of 5950 chances that it would happen to me. and for it to happen AGAIN that is 1 out of 35,402,500 chances it would happen. i would say i am a pretty lucky person. should have played the lottery. (thanks becket for the statistical help). this information is not accurate but a pure guess.

and tonight, is a BIG night. sister and i are going to see jackass 3D. i mean why would anyone NOT want to see this movie? the trailer is hilarious, the guys are idiots, and who can't laugh when someone gets hurt? so i will let you know how it goes. maybe a double feature and sneak into social network?

until then....x

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