still hot in florida...

a special blog: coming from the holiday inn in gainesville, you know the one next to campus?! classy....

so after some time spent in the "north" i have embraced winters, and learned to enjoy the cold. however, i still felt an itch to get back to florida to see the fam and see what i have been 'missing.' well after about three days i vividly remember why i wanted to leave this 'hot as hell' place. and it is only october. imagine being here in august?? i am not sure how i managed 21 years of this.

not to mention, my pops doesn't believe in air conditioning. so it is as hot inside as it is outside. glorious.

although it is nice to get home and see familiar places that bring back the good time memories. just walking into publix i get chills. lame i know. but really, if you know publix, you know the feeling.

being on campus brings back the memories of walking home after the bars have kicked us out. everything looks a little different these days. maybe it is because these "rose colored" (beer goggles) have come off and the reality glasses have been put on. although, i am happy to say that i was glad those 'goggles' were on for so long. a good 4 years.

anyway, got to go pretend we are hiring...that's not depressing.