nothing good to say.

i have procrastinated this week and writing on here. basically because i have nothing good to say. i have been raking my brain trying to think of something interesting. nothing. then i have tried to convince my friends to try new things so i can write about them. nothing. i guess they don't want me exploiting their lives for my pleasure. but i mean you benefit too. it wasn't completely selfish.

i don't want to talk about what i eat (even though it was the original premise of this blog) because that is boring. it was more fun when i could write about my bus rides to work on the dc transportation system. now i just take a 5 minute drive, alone, listening to one and a half songs. boring.

however, i am spicing up my life tonight. i am going out with some long lost friends of mine from college. we are heading into dupont (huge deal now that i moved to VA), to get drinks and catch up. there will be around a 7 year age gap between everyone, me being in the middle. i hope that doesn't mean i am responsible for starting conversations...i'll let you know how it goes.

at any rate, i am excited to see them.

i am off the hook for uploading any non-related photos because it is down...lucky me.

happy hump day. use this day wisely :) (kidding mom...)