friday. friday. friday.

all i can say is 'THANK GOODNESS IT IS FRIDAY!' i don't think i could handle another day at work this week. (let's not bring up the fact i will have to work on sunday to catch up...for know, let me be).

tonight is a big drinking REMATCH. yes, i am not smart. so here is the story on this. almost a month ago i was out with my good friends, let's call them mr. and mrs. smith (because they are just as cool as brad and anjie), and i mentioned to mr. that i could probably out drink him. good call whitney. so anyway, we come up with a date, place, and rules. here is a copy:

and we all had to sign below.

so anyway, september 24 rolls around and i am ready. i thought. so 1.5 hours and 9 beers later, the mr. is up by 3 beers and the mrs. and i are struggling. i am already counting myself out and just taking it easy. then the tables noted in rule 7: all parties must take the shot ordered. well mr. ordered shots for him and his new ravens friends and left us out. and you know what that means? disqualified. aka i am saved. so mrs. and i call it quits and split the money and run. the next day i get a nice little text from mr.

i am the green responses...and no, no one drugged anyone.

which leads me to today. he was so adamant and heartbroken that he lost, he is making us do a rematch. this time i am a little nervous. only because i knew what i was like last time, and it wasn't pretty. so wish me luck....

in other news, the mom is living a glorious life out west. after her stint in vegas (no marriage from what i was told), they went out to red rock canyon for a bit, and then off to lake tahoe for their 'jobs' for the season. basically i wish i was living that life. but soon enough i can retire and do the same. what, only 40 more years?

that's enough for now. i have successfully passed 1 hours updating, posting, reading, etc. my blog. hope you like the new header! i obviously spent a lot of time on it....