and i'm back in the game...

so after getting called out by my bff's mom for not posting in so long, i had a yearning to write an update. and i realized MY mom is cooler than me and has been blogging more frequently. sad. but exciting that my mom has a life now. ha love you mom.

recently all i have been doing was travelling. boring. but atleast i can add some more tacks to the where i have been map that is hanging in my room. it is pretty bare right now.

last weekend i travelled, by train nonetheless, to philly. btw, i LOVE the train. just make sure you get on the quiet train and you are good to go. i got to see the newlywed and enjoy some time with her and the fam. it was a blast. we had an amazing tailgate by 'tailgator II' which supplied AMAZING food, beer, wine, tunes, and entertainment.

that's me, our cook, and tito (a coke's in our hands...duh)

a little sad to see dartmouth lose but a great game played by the boys! and to close out the football saturday i had to watch the gators lose. i will admit, i had no hope of winning against alabama but i did hope for a better game. oh well, we will get 'em next time :)

next, was a trip to waterloo, IOWA. first, i had never even heard of waterloo. second, i had a feeling that it was going to be an interesting trip. the reason for the trip was to look at wood veneers for my project and pick out the ones we were going to use. sounds unimportant...wrong. apparently it is a big deal and the architects were beside themselves to do this. anyway, after getting off the puddle jumper into an airport with two gates, yes two gates--one to leave and one to arrive--we take a packed car ride to the hotel. and all there is is CORN. never seen so much in my life.

view from my room (don't mind the screen)

´╗┐it was unreal. anyway, we spend a day flipping through wood and take a lunch break at a place called 'the shack.' so i am thinking oh this guy isn't going to take us to shithole--he is trying to impress his clients. so this shack must be like a 'joes crab shack' kind of place. again...wrong. we walk in and it is the type of place that everyone just turns and stares at the outsiders. i mean i guess morrison, iowa doesn't get many visitors from a big city like us. but my favorite part was the menu. everything was fried and i instantly knew that i was going to feel terrible the rest of the day and the flight home. but as my friend says 'go big or go home' i went big. ordered a chicken philly with curly fries. the sandwich comes out...on a hotdog bun. so maybe they don't have french bread there. just maybe. but the fries were delish. so if you make your way to morrison, try to find the shack or just keep driving to civilization.

now here i am sitting at my desk thinking about my pending trip to florida. i. can't. wait. haven't been home since christmas. nothing is planned but to enjoy doing nothing. although i am going there to recruit at my college for my company but i will take what i can get. i have already picked out all the places i want to go to eat, shop, see while i am there. which is funny, because if you asked me a year ago if i missed home, i would have laughed in your face. today, i am so ecstatic to go. weird how you change when you get older. who knew?

anyway, i hope you enjoyed this update.

send good vibes to gainesville this weekend. we need a win....hugs and kisses :)