summer is here.

as you will notice my timestamp on this post, 6:24 AM, you can see that i am working earlier and earlier. i have decided that it makes my day start better. i woke up at 4:40 am this morning, showered, lollygag'ed around the house and then headed into work with NO ONE here. it is more peaceful. stopped into starbucks, got an iced coffee (my summer drink) and a turkey bacon sandwich (super yummy) and started to browse online for a certain someone's bachelorette party favors. i can't go into detail because this certain someone is one of my MANY followers. but i can say, it is going to be legit.

how was the memorial day weekend? mine was soooooo nice and relaxing. all i did was sleep, tan, catch up on real housewive of new jersey (which is the best one by far), and drink. went down to the watefront to drink. went to my favorite bar to drink. and went out to dinner with some old friends....not to drink. all and all it was a GREAT weekend. sad to be back at work but the good thing about a three day weekend is the four day work week.

i also have a lot to look forward to coming up. in two weeks i have the bachelorette party. in ONE month i have plans for the fourth of july--in chicago. in five weeks i have a dear dear friend coming to visit me. in TWO months my best friend is GETTING MARRIED!!!! and i get to stand next to her! and then after that i turn 24. after august i might be bored and broke but the summer was worth it.

all in all i woke up on the right side of the bed. the sun was shining. (with scattered clouds) and i am just looking forward to what's next.

pretty intense blog post for "monday" morning at 6:30 AM i'd say.....xo

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