short break is over.

so as it was nicely pointed out last night that i haven't written on here since April 10th, i have decided to come back. i have been trying to come up with some fun and exciting news to share. and i have very little to update you on however i will attempt.

last night, as you know it was cinco de mayo, my FAVORITE holiday. not only is it a day to celebrate the mexican indepenence, it is an excuse to drink a mass amount of tequila. in my past years, i have partaken in the traditional celebration, ie drank mass amounts of tequila. last night, however, i have 'grown up' and only drank a pitcher of margs and a six pack of coronas (not really, but close). i was a little disappointed in my consumption because i woke up fully rested and refreshed. and i had promised my boss i would arrive hungover. soooo i failed.

in other news, the weather has warmed up. so much so that i again ask myself why did i go to school for a occupation where i have to wear long pants and work outside year round? it is that kind of hot that you get sticky the second you walk outside and start wondering if you are sweating through your pants (ladies you know what i am talking about). :) AND to top it off, wearing a hard hat that traps all the heat in there. you can pretty much assume that your hair won't look one fourth as good as when you left the house as soon as that hard hat goes on. so for anyone who thinks thier job sucks, just think about me walking around all day sweating. youre welcome. for those of you who read this who feel my pain, you agree?

i also wanted to toot my own horn here and let you know all the good deeds i have been up to. volunteering on my saturday off fixing up a house to make it more handicapable. i was a little hung over so it wasn't as much of an uplifting experience as it should be but i got the picture. so for 6 hours all i did was custom make window screens. however, not to disappoint, i am not going into that business. so no requests please. also, i have been serving breakfast to the homeless BEFORE i went to work. this one i actually really appreciated. it was really great to see how many people give thier time to help the unfortunate. we successfully served over 450 meals in 30 minutes. i was a scrambled egg scooping machine.

and LASTLY, my good deed for the YEAR, is i chopped my hair off last weekend and donated it in honor of someone very special to locks for love. i cut 10 inches off! it is a great summer cut but it was pretty cool to know that my hair was going to make wigs for cancer patients. i hope they like my hair color :)

that's all for now. i think this was a pretty successful comeback. however, if you disagree, please don't tell me.