1. who in the hell invented click pens? no one wants to hear that noise. including me. take your pen and either leave it in the "on" position or "off" position for more than 5 seconds. please.

2. just because i take a day off on friday doesn't make it ok to leave a stack of papers/folders/notes/etc. on my desk to remind me my life sucks and i have to come back to my job.

3. not everyone is happy in the morning. that means scheduling two meetings before 6:30 am twice a week will really piss a lot of people off. ie: ME.

4. constantly "putting out (symbolic) fires" is not fun and is exhausting. it will wear you down to the point where you want to QUIT YOUR JOB. ie: ME.

sorry for the bitch fest but i really needed to let you know why i haven't been on here and why i am bitter all the time.