party friday....sike

well today did start out a little better than yesterday. first, i got to SLEEP in. i scheduled a doctors appointment at 9 knowing that i wouldn't have to go in before hand and it was glorious. so after driving around for like 20 minutes i find parking and a flood of memories come back to me...please see previous post here so know what i am talking about. luckily i was prisoner free this time. score!

second, it is the most amazing day outside! the sun is shining. birds are chirping. and i am inside working. but eh, oh well. maybe it will be just as nice on sunday (my only day off).

i also purchased a ticket to new orleans for one of my fave's bachorlette party weekend! i am soooo freaking excited i can't wait. i don't know what we are going to do when this wedding is over and we have nothing to look forward to. please no babies....yet.

at any rate, my life is pretty boring all around. so if you think of anything you'd like me to do just let me know.

don't get sunburned.....xx