my a nut shell.

i wish i had more time and more fun things to write about recently. all i have been doing is working and sleeping. adding some eating in there. all while trying to stay sane. which i think is the hardest part.

recently i am having trouble really understanding the fact that i have to work for the rest of my life. getting up at 5:30 every morning (if not earlier) to drive into work and sit there for 10-12 hours. i thought my life would have been more glamorous. maybe one day. anyone have some words of wisdom on this? is it really this bad the whole time? if so, please don't confirm.

anyway, i am sitting up at work again this saturday. but i am getting a lot done so hopefully next week won't be as brutal. we shall see. amazing how when you go into work with a list of 'to-do's' very rarely do you actually cross anything off that list that day.

enough about work. lets talk social life. ha. k done.

tomorrow i am hoping to lay out in the sun. today is high around 65 which sounds amazing so hopefully i can get out of work a little early. tomorrow is high of 70! still a little cool but worth the sun. trying to get the tan lines gone that i got during my last week adventure....still pissed about all that. i am NOT falling for it this time.

hope all is well. sorry for the lack of entertainment. any suggestions are welcomed!