how to make the most of your one day weekend...

so it wasn't a mystery that i had to work on saturday. but anywho, had a pretty eventful weekend for only having one day off.

saturday i got off work around 3 and headed to best buy to meet sister and support her in her computer buying spree. 1.5 hours and a computer later, we head home for my nap! get up, head to sushi and martinis before our big night out on the town. little did we know, big night meant early night. long story short, the highly anticipated k street lounge was a miss.

bed early. wake early sunday. i had already planned on seeing the cherry blossoms down at the tidal basin. so after some picking up around the house and some yoga practice, i put my walking shoes on and head out. minus the sun screen. and minus the breakfast. so anyway, walk down to gtown, down the potomac, sit and watch the boaters for a bit, keep going. get to the WRONG side of the tidal basin and proceed to walk all the way around the jefferson memorial to get to the 'festival'. finally i am so fed up with tourists, crowds, walking, i head home. the cherry blossoms were also disappointing, apparently i missed the peak and they were already blowing off :(.

here is my path:

just in case you can't read it--it says 9.7 miles. wtf.

so FOUR HOURS later, a potbellys sub, two liters of water, sweet sunburn lines, and some tired legs later--i make it home! thank goodness! i thought i was going to die!

rested my legs and headed over to a friends house to cook Easter dinner! (pork, potatoes, and asparagus!) so yummy!

yoga should be interesting tonight. i think i will skip all the legs and give those a day rest....

next weekend i am thinking of walking to china...wanna join?