woke up on the wrong side...

so i am pretty sure i woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. this is why:

get in the car to drive to work (earlier so i can get some work done) and see that the gas light is on. therefore, my early is shot and head to the gas station. pull into the most expensive on down the street (20 cents more than what i would normally pay--because i have a fear of running out of gas). fuel up enough to get to work to get some more gas elsewhere. as i am trying to pull out of the gas station some dbag (sorry mom) parks directly in front of me and runs into the store. so after about 5 minutes of GLARING at him through the window he comes out and shrugs at me. wtf. i should have hit your mazda convertible. i hope you enjoy those cigs.

on top of that i decided to go to the bagel shop to get a bagel since i was already running late. wrong. one person was working and she was slow as molassas. after she took her time helping out the girls in front of me she screwed up my bagel. i just said f this and paid and left.

THEN i get to work and find out i have this huge project my boss is giving me that is due....on friday. just in case you are wondering...its wednesday. so annoyed.

but i decided since i was skipping yoga today (so i can work late) i was going to indulge....on dairy queen for lunch. cheered me up...for a bit.

back to the grind. can't wait for the weekend.

'workin' for the weekend'