weekend surprise!!!

sorry i have been so absent. right after we last talked, we went out to my grandparents house for our monthly (or try to be monthly) dinner and we had a surprise waiting for us....POPS! how clever is he? so we have been spending as much time as possible with him while he is here. three nights in a row with the grandpareents. which is nice, but i am getting accustomed to handmade rolls, fresh bbq, homemade mashed potatoes....just to name a few splurges.

anyway, it has been so pleasant to see him. made the weekend fly by though! i did take him to the chicken place for lunch yesterday.

inca cola is a must! (i didn't get one though...)

we are still on the search for the green sauce recipe...help? my dad is going to attempt to open one in the hometown. should be interesting....

today i am back to normal. work, yoga, SLEEP, work, yoga, you get the picture.

anyone who is willing can take my place at work while i nap...just send me a message and let me know when you will be here. bring your safety glasses. ha. (embarrassing)