spring is starting to spring!

today is glorious! started out with sleeping in till about 10 am! so wonderful! sleeping in is my weakness on the weekends. i wish i didnt love it as much so i could have more time to do weekend stuff but sleeping is more important.

last night was a success. ate at this restaurant that supported by all local farmers so everything is so fresh and seasonal. so after mulling over the drink menu i order the bone. which was concocted with knob creek (one of my fave bourbons) fresh squeezed lime juice and....wait for it....tobacco! i had a little trouble committing to it but when lg ordered it for me without letting me change my mind...choice made. a very interesting drink. very spicy. which i am assuming for the tobacco??

and i forgot to mention the bacon lolli....soooo tasty!

oh and i haven't even mentioned the food yet! after about 20 minutes of deliberation i decided on chicken salad with corn bread and FRIED GREEN TOMATOES as apps. which are a must!

anyway, i am going to go outside and soak up all the sun i can before it goes away....adios amigos.