sometimes it pays to drink....

yesterday was a great day. the sun was shining. the birds were chirping. i was singing melodies. yeah, not really. but i had a good day. i was debating on going ot yoga after work or going to the obligatory work happy hour becuase obviously i couldn't drink before yoga. so i compromised and decided to go to hh for a bit and NOT drink and then head over to yoga. so that was my intent. until i saw the margarita, chips and salsa, nachos, fajitas, etc. so i ordered a marg and moved on from thinking i would work out.

that being said, i picked a seat right next to 'boss'. she is harmless. more of a friend than boss. so as she heads out 'big boss' comes over and starts chatting about being in college, drinking, you know normal things. THEN 'big big boss' comes over (which he is never around) to talk to me and starts rambling about how much the job is awesome and how i am doing such an amazing job, i have so much potential, i stand out, yada yada yada. WTF?!! how exciting right??? atleast i know that my hard work doesn't go un-noticed. it is nice to hear every once in a while think about that if you have people who work under you......however, i am still waiting on my promotion.

so it was worth for-going my yoga practice for some uplifting words and margs.

on another note, i have sustained from bagels 3 of the 4 days. i would say that is will power. oatmeal. yummm. i just have to keep thinking that.

attempted the headstand again this week. still unsuccessful. however, last night i committed to doing a headstand at our close out party next year. so at least i have a goal of when i need to be good at it. wish me luck.

on another another note, went to lunch today and got the car towed. awesome. at least it wasn't my car but i felt bad just the same. i offered to pay half but she declined. (yes.)

lastly, as promised, i need to thank kyle. he has been a loyal reader and usually (always) checks up on all my facts. so when i mentioned the bone cocktail from founding farmers, he questioned the contents--the tobacco mainly. i told him i had already done my research as i had doubts too. therefore, the only way to settle this issue, was to contact founding farmers directly. so i wrote them an email. two days later this is what i get:

basically: kyle you were right. (write this down. i won't say this again willingly)

the correct ingredient was.....tabasco!
so above all, this has been an interesting week. thank goodness it is almost over. but then again, i still have tomorrow to look out for....

adios amigo.